Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall, originally uploaded by rickmode.

A group of us from my recent Shoot and Critique class met at the Disney Concert Hall for a night shoot. Here's my best shot of the night. Check out my other shots from the night here and check out the rest of the group's shots here (you'll need to be signed into Flickr to see the group stuff).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top of Cracked Head

Top of Cracked Head, originally uploaded by rickmode.

Here's an unusual angle of a cracked stone head at the Getty Villa. I have other images of this head in my gallery at more traditional angles.

Carved Symbols

Carved Symbols, originally uploaded by rickmode.

Here's pictures of a stone tablet taken at the Getty Villa as part of my Shoot & Critique class.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dancing in the Sky

Dancing in the Sky, originally uploaded by rickmode.

I captured this photo back on March 27th. I posted the image to Photofocus for a critique and got a pretty good response. If you are interested, also check out the related Flickr group discussion.

LA Curved

LA Curved, originally uploaded by rickmode.

Ah... here's a photo taken with my fisheye lens during a photo walk in Los Angeles taken roughly a year ago. More recently I did more post-processing (editing / photoshopping) and came up with this version.

Spooky Shapes

Spooky Shapes, originally uploaded by rickmode.

Yo... this is a pic taken May 31, 2009 for my UCLA Extension "Shoot & Critique" class. We went to the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles to capture this amazing building designed by Frank Gehry.